Are you a Free Spirit who feels trapped in a conventional World?

Do you want to come home to who you truly are?  Re-connect with your own intuitive wisdom?  Let go of who you’re not?  Confidently live how you’re uniquely designed to?  In a way that leaves you feeling alive, whole and connected to your souls purpose? 

My work enables you to not just talk and know things mentally, but to experientially ‘feel’ your truth and intuitive wisdom in your body.  This fully enables you to feel confident, embodied and able to walk your path & live your purpose in a very real and alive way.

Weaving together **intuitive free-flowing conversation, **deep states of body consciousness, movement & dance, **and tools for self knowledge & healing.  If this appeals?  There are a number of ways to work with me 1:1 or through groups.

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Your work gives back the voice to body and brings it alive so as to feel whole again

I just wanted to express my gratitude for our sessions.

I am constantly amazed at how the body works and talks!  

Your work gives back the voice to body and brings it alive so as to feel whole again, to be able to live in the present, to be able to deal with any psychological issues that keep me in the past through expressing them in my body in the present.  

Thank you for your care and passion in your work…  

Mersedeh K

The challenges you may be facing

Have you felt misunderstood so often in your life, that you’ve tried to hide parts of who you are?  

Have you been told you’re too sensitive?
But What If… 
you actually have a finely tuned sensitivity, a high vibration that just needs a lifestyle that supports it?

Are you overwhelmed by people & places?
But What If… 
You’re an empath… meaning you have the ability to feel the energy and emotions of the world and those around you?

Have you been told your a dreamer, that the world doesn’t work that way?
But What If… 
You actually have an inner world that is rich, deep, creative and visionary?

“Your essence is your authentic self… the blue print you were born with. 

No matter what has happened in your life, it is always there, waiting to be reconnected with.”

If you’re a Free Spirit living in a conventional town, city, country… my guess is that at times you’ve felt like a misfit, the odd one out… the Black Sheep.

You may have tried to fit in?  Tried to conform to the standard way of thinking, working, relationships?

Has it left you feeling lost, unsatisfied, frustrated, exhausted?  Perhaps your own body hasn’t even felt like home?  

I’m guessing it’s felt like many people don’t really get who you are… and it may have gotten to the point where you’re not sure either?

It’s likely that deep down you know your differentness is beautiful, unique and has a place in this world… 

Although the struggle is in fully understanding what your gifts & uniqueness are… and how to feel confidence and trust in them… how to get back on your path.

I promise you, as a Free Spirit you have a place in this world… and you don’t have to move to Bali, Thailand or an alternative community in order to live your truth and feel fully alive 😉

Pandora’s Box & The Red Pill

When your spiritual self wakes up, it can feel as though you’ve opened pandoras box or taken the red pill from the matrix movie 😉 … and that there’s no turning back.

Depending on the day it can feel enlightening, enlivening & expanding… Or it can feel terrifying, confusing & lonely.  Your views change…. Causing your friendships and relationships to change…. Your focus of work changes.  Leaving you asking where do I go?  What do I do now?

You are not deluded… You are not too sensitive… You are not alone…

Although Free Spirits often believe they are more at home out in the ether 😉  I’ve learnt from experience that the more you in your body, the more you can embrace your true nature.  

If you’d like to experience a deep state of ‘wholeness’, ‘being’ & ‘connection’?  I’d love to help you on your journey so that you can let go of feeling frustrated, stuck & disconnected… 

you reach in and guide me back

I feel that you completely understand where my head is and you reach in and guide me back to where I need to be.

Justine Osborne

Ready to Let Go?

lost – stuck – stress – overwhelm – frustration – confusion – self-doubt – sadness – anxiety – disconnected – trapped – pain – trauma – self-harm – chronic physical pain – low energy – depressed – highly-sensitive 

Seeking to Cultivate Wholeness?

clarity – hope – energy – freedom – life purpose – happiness  -flowing – awareness – connection – calm – wholeness – gifts  peace – intuition – alive – trust – sensuality – love – joy – mindfulness – confidence – synchronicity

Do any of these sound familiar?

Some day’s you have a connection to your intuition, your spiritual self, your higher self… other days it seems far away, unattainable or drowned out by all the other noise of life and opinions of those around you.

***   ***   ***

Sometimes you feel so in flow… then for one reason or another it’s as though you’re pulled back into ‘mainstream conformity’ and suddenly you wake up feeling as though you’re off your path, disconnected and confused.

***   ***   ***

Emotional traumas may have led you through a room of 1000 demons… you have met pain and discovered so much about who you are… through your darkness your eyes have been opened and your life can never look the same again. You are ready to grow, evolve… to live in a different way.

***   ***   ***

Maybe you’ve had an intense ‘awakening’ perhaps through an intense experience, whilst travelling, or during a workshop / retreat… your whole world shifted on it’s axis… realisations occurred, the way you see the world shifted… And then you came back home and the reality of who you are now with your old life and the people in it feels really hard to integrate… you don’t want to go back to who you were, but you don’t know how to stay true to who you’ve becoming.

***   ***   ***

Your spiritual self has woken up within you… it may feel as though it has always been there whispering in the background…  Yet you feel as though it’s not fully integrated in you.  But now you can no longer bare to keep the two parts of you separate.  Your Everyday Self & your Spiritual Self are asking to be merged, united, made whole.

How can I help?

Re-Connect to the truth of who you are.

**intuitive free-flowing conversation, **deep states of body consciousness, movement & dance, **and tools for self knowledge.

Would you like…

  • to feel more in flow?
  • to trust in your intuition?
  • to heal aspects of your past?
  • to find your path?
  • to feel your spiritual self, embodied in your everyday worldly self… less separation of the two?
  • to expand your energy and vibration?
  • to live from your heart & higher self?
  • support in integrating your awakening (from travels / retreats / life experiences) into your everyday life?

The Essence Path is for those seeking inner truth & embodied self-awareness.  To come home to the truth of who they are. 

To hear & trust the advice of your intuition & inner guidance.  To be in relationships & work that is meaningful to you.  To flow with your energy & synchronicity. To experience full integration and alignment between your ‘spiritual self’ & ‘everyday human life’. To transform the pain, suffering & emotional trauma’s of your past into the gifts of their future’s.  

For those who want to stop hiding their truth, embrace the richness & creativity of their inner world… and feel meaningfully alive.

Are you seeking a refreshing & non-judgemental spiritual path?

I’m guessing you’re not looking to become Gandhi, Jesus or Mother Tereasa?!  Rather you want to be held in a safe, non-judgemental, open minded space in which you can explore and discover what is real for you… and what works for you.

So that you can find your own way, your own spiritual truth.  

For example: 

** To immerse yourself in yoga, energy and gong baths etc and then head to the pub, eat meat or watch netflix… without feeling judged 😉

** To explore the light & yet ignore the existence of your shadows.

** To cherry pick from different religions and belief systems… finding what works for you.

** To feel so confident and comfortable in yourself that you can dance without inhibition.

What can you expect?

The Essence Path helps you bring your Spiritual Self into alignment with your Everyday Life, through:

  • Embodiment – embodying your spirit through moving meditations & dance of the higher self
  • Inner Guidance – learning to hear & trust your inner wisdom (Higher Self & Intuition)
  • Meaning, Purpose & Work – that is aligned to your Spiritual Self, truth & purpose
  • Lifestyle – looking at friends, relationships, hobbies
  • Ritual & Meditation  – creating practices that are bespoke to your uniqueness
  • Environment – bringing your spiritual essence into your home (so your environment reflects your spiritual essence).

If this resonates & you’d like more information?  

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