The Crow Speaks – Soul Message

A message from the crows.

The crow comes from death and darkness.  He sends awakening through the mysteries of pain and darkness.  He is your guide in all that is lost.  He sees the way and has flown many times whilst blinded by the fog of darkness.  The crow can lead you back to the light, bringing the gifts of wisdom from his journey through.

There is a message in the stars that illuminates the suffering of our planet.  It says this…

Follow your north star out of your mind and into the heavens, for there you shall see the glory and magnificence of rays of light.  Sparkling stars light up the whole universe.

There is no pain in the form of suffering only the pain of holding on to what has already left your space.  Let it go.  Float away.  Go to the outer realms of your consciousness.

Follow your north star of light in your imagination and let it lead you out to the universe.  For out here you shall see there is nothing to hold onto for everything is already here.  You are a part of it all already. You already have access to all you need… for you already are a part of all you need… you are a part of all that is.

You are the stars. You are the night.  You are the sky.  You are the shining light that illuminates every atom, every particle that exists.  There is nothing without you for you are part of that nothingness.  For you are all that is.  And all that never was.  For you are everything and nothing.

You are consciousness.  You are the expansiveness of consciousness.

Feel it ebb and flow.


With love,




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