Your existence matters – Soul Message

your existence matters

Do not change who you are. Embrace your spirit.  Set free your gifts.  Let loose your fancies – they are not ridiculous.

Find a place, person or outlet of safety in which you can pour out your hearts desires and speak your truth.  For your souls truth is waiting to be added to the collective consciousness.

We are all together the whole, each one of us is complete, each one of us adds to the giant puzzle that makes up the universes code of completeness.

By holding back your light and your truth you are leaving a hole in the jigsaw.  You are a unique shape that only you can fill in this picture… this puzzle… that makes up the universe.  This earth needs your gift of self and beauty.

Do not fear yourself.  Fear is passing.  You are expanding.  Go beyond fear, show your true colours.  Your multifaceted self.  A unique spectrum of technicolour light.

I hold you in your search for self and connect you to the forces of all that is.  You are not alone.  You are hear in peace.  You are here as a messenger of God. Goddess. Divine. Buddha. Christ Consciousness. Source.

Be as it will. Be as it may.

Your existence matters. You matter. There is nothing but everything.  Step into the everything for there you shall find home.

With love,



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