When your pain feels too much – Soul Message

There is pain.  So much pain.  Yet you need not cry.  For you are held.  And you are loved.  Your pain does not go unnoticed.  There are many like you.  Souls crying out.  Screaming.  The agony of not knowing, not remembering that we, you… are all one.

In the oneness your pain becomes dissolved, not because it does not exist but because it is just one part of the whole.  The whole contains everything.  From pain to pleasure. From darkness to light.  From wind to sea.  From yearning to having.  From belonging to loneliness.

You are all of these and more.  You are none of these and less.  For you are everything and nothing.  For you exist, yet do not exist.  For you have physical form, yet no body at all.  For you are part of this world and you are not.  For you are timeless.  Timeless.  Eternal.  Beyond boundaries, space and eternity.  You are all that is.

And in the all-ness that is, you experience everything.  And as you wake up to that knowing, that feeling, that experience felt and not felt. Known and not known.  You will find that pain does not hold anything over you. You shall delight in its existence.  For pain is just one aspect of the multicoloured and multifaceted picture that makes up the whole.

As you wake up and see it as only one speck in the picture you’l find it takes its true proportions.  As everything is held in wholeness and everything has a natural equal proportion.

Rise up.  Rise out into expanded consciousness, out of your human mind and you shall experience this.  And bring back that knowing into your physical human form and this world.

It is only from the human perspective that things can become separated, made singular and expanded out of proportion.  Your pain may have expanded and drowned out all else that is left.  Yet your awareness can take you beyond this and bring it back into its true proportion.

So rise up and send out your consciousness… until you experience all and nothing, sound and silence.  There your pain is the pain of all, not yours alone.  And there you shall find its opposite. Peace.  In equal form and weight.  Allow the two to merge and sit comfortably together as though in friendship.  For one cannot exist without the other.  And as they both come together they both exist yet do not exist.

For everything exists and yet nothing exists and in this there is both peace and excitement.  Peace in knowing there is nothing to be done… as all is ok.  And excitement in the rich tapestry of polarity and experiences available to each and every one of us.

With love,



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