You are Magical – Soul Message

magical world

Wake up, sit still, close your eyes, open your mind, let the light flood in.  Empty your mind, empty your eyes, let the light bathe you, soften you, cleanse you, pour through you.

You are one of a kind.  You are magical.  You are an entity of light, a vessel of light.  You are filled with love.  Strip away your clothes, peel away your skin, let the layers of self and reality fall away to reveal your light.  For you are pure light.  You are God.  You are Divine.  You are All That Is.  You are Oneness.  You are Source.  You are a part of all that is.  And all that is, is specks of light reflecting every colour, every moment, every reality.

Climb back inside the body, inside your skin, this time filled with light body, not fear.  Filled with light, not hate.  Filled with now, not past.  You are a moment, not a lifetime.  You are a moment in time and space, threaded by continuous movement, change and transformation.  Your vibration is of light.  Like a moth to the flame.  Seek the light and let it burn you back to aliveness.  Back to life.  You are alive.  You are a part of this universe.

You have a purpose and that purpose is to radiate your truth like a beacon to the world.  Like the flame that other moths will be drawn to.  Let your imagination run free, for your imagination is full of colour, full of fantasy, full of life force and creativity.  Let your imagination show you the magic of the world.  The magic of what could be.

Then sit back in an armchair, drink tea and smile.  For you are co-creating a magical beautiful world.  Sit back and rest against the cushion, knowing that you have added colour, light and sparkling dimensions to the wonder that is life.  That your presence makes a difference.  That your smile makes a difference.  For their is nothing you need do, go or be.  Just sit connected to source, allowing the light of your body to expand and touch all those who pass by.

You are part of a magical world.  You are the magic.

With love,



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