There are many ways of sharing something about who I am, that will help you feel into your connection with me.  So in the spirit of following my flow over convention… I’ve begun with a story (that I wrote in a self-awareness healing writing course)… and finish up with the more classic elements of my trainings 😉

A story

She dropped down from the stars and changed her mind at the last moment. I don’t want this. It’s too much she called. A battle ensued and her soul exploded into fragments shooting out like blades of glass across the universe.

She was lost and strove to fit in by toing the line, being there for others. She was kind and thoughtful, helpful and sweet. She felt others pain and connected to all those who were lost, sad, or a ‘bit strange’ 😉 When a black sheep appeared she’d be the first to understand them, her clan was those with quirks and oddness, sadness or repressed pain that wanted to explode out.. to be heard.. to be healed.

She was told she was too sensitive. She was told she wasn’t broken. She was told she had the power to lift or bring down the moods of others. She was told she was a nice girl. That her darkness was too much for others to handle. And all she was told made her scream – you don’t understand me!

She knew, she always knew, there was more to life, a world of spirit and otherness existed. Through her darkness she searched for the light.

She followed her own path. She questioned the unquestionable… religion, social convention. She refused to follow the heard of sheep. She would choose her own friends, she would not follow the line just because it was the thing to do.

She was terrified and yet she chose a different path… she said fuck you to society and there ‘this is the way of the world’… and boldly refused to slip into the mainstream world of work. She tried 100’s of jobs, she booked tickets to travel the world alone from a young age. She studied the mind to better understand her own.

She discovered synchronicity and following the flow made better life experiences and outcomes than planning and rule following.

She opened her mind and body to the esoteric and spiritual realms… to dance, rhythm and trance… and discovered her passion. Life became colourful… colourful and interesting. Her boredom dwained… her energy lifted. She was found. She found her people. She called back the fragments of her soul. She came home to herself.

And then the two worlds collided… or rather they didn’t… they felt separate. She didn’t know how to live in them both at the same time. She felt she had to choose each moment to either live in one or the other. She would spend days, weeks, months or years in one world… and then have to visit the other. And then she started to fear, and doubt her spirit world… how could she survive, how could she earn, how could she provide for a future through her spirit world? What would people think of her if she came out and let her choice… her true self be seen? Who would she loose? Friends? Marriage? Family? The respect and acceptance of the world?

And then she realised. I am that world. I breath that world. That world brings me to life. And through living my truth, it is I who merge those two worlds. For it is impossible to be separate. As everything that is, is already one.

I am that black sheep. And other black sheep can’t find me if I’m hiding in white wool.

Olivia x


Training & Other ‘conventional’ info 😉

My journey in personal development began in 1994, and has continued ever since through CPD, courses, reading, studies, research, extended travels and self-enquiry – as well as the training’s below. I’ve trained in various modalities in London, the USA, India, Egypt and Ireland.

I’ll never stop learning.  I love it too much.  And the more I learn, the more I realise how much there is I don’t know.

Mind Training

2004 Person Centred Counselling – RSA (Thames Valley University), London

2015-18 Hypno – Psychotherapy, (in 2nd year of 4 yr training) London

2000 BA Cultural Media Studies and History (University of West England), Bristol

Soul & Energy Training

2006 Spiritual Life Coach (Holistic Healing College), London

2010 Theta Healing Practitioner (Theta Healing Institute), London

Body Training

2007 Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Yoga Alliance, Sunra Yoga), Egypt

2008 Somatic Movement Educator, 1 & 2 (International Institute for SME) Dublin & India

2011 Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher (Boston Trauma Centre), Boston USA

2011 Pregnancy Yoga Teacher (Yogacampus), London


I’ve not got qualifications in these (although I’ve done a load of courses / immersions in them)… but they have been or still are a huge influence in my personal life and work.

  • Writing / Journaling / Channeling
  • Reading – fiction and stuff on below interests
  • Staring out… of windows, at views
  • Dancing
    • Argentine Tango… in another life I’d love to be a professional dancer
    • 5 Rhythms Dance
    • Ecstatic / Trance Dance
  • Osho Dynamic Meditations
  • Qigong
  • Energy
  • Metaphysics
  • Esoteric
  • Past Lives
  • Crystals
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Soul Plan (bit like astrology)
  • I-Ching
  • Walking & beautiful places
  • Travelling
  • And not to forget… Coffee, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Hummus & Wine


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