From hologram to multidimensional being

 . There was a girl who stood looking at her reflection in the puddle of water at her feet.  She was sad, lonely, tired… she felt as though she was living in this world and yet apart from it… it was as though she were a hologram co-existing like an overlay on top of human […]

Remove the Shackles & Step onto Your Path – soul message

A message to those who are lost… yet can see the path ahead of them… You can see the path, it is so clear that in some ways it is the only path you can see before you.  And yet you stand, fixed to the start, fixed to the ground, stuck and feeling despair… your […]

The fear of being yourself – let your Higher Self show the way

“I am scared” said the girl on the bridge… There was no one there, yet a hum of energy began to surround her… the clouds and vastness of the sky became dense in their swirling energy… “Of what?” said a voice “There is nothing to fear” The girl looked around… “who’s there”?  “I can’t see […]