Intuitive Dance & Soul Journaling

For seekers of self knowledge & personal truth, to help you on your spiritual path.  Come home to who you are, re-connect with your spiritual essence and intuitive wisdom.  Experience wholeness, healing & clarity.

A fully packed 6hr workshop (even the lunch & cake break has purpose 🙂

Dance & Journal yourself to intuitive clarity.  It will be fun & powerfully deep.

Sunday 21st Oct 2018
10am – 4pm (6hrs)
lunch & cake included
(intimate group, 10 spaces available).
Booking link at bottom of page.
Location: Surbiton, South West London (more details below)

Intuitive Dance & Soul Journaling

The day is about…

Clearing the way to hear your personal truths & connect to your highest wisdom.  So you can find answers to the questions that are bothering you the most right now.  So you can feel confident about the path your walking.  So you can feel your spiritual self is very much embodied and a part of your everyday life.

Those answers may not be as you expect.  But I promise, they are the answers and messages that your soul wants and needs you to know right now.

What’s included:

  • Intuitive Dance – embodying your spirit, through moving meditation & intuitive dance
  • Soul Journaling – to connect to the wisdom of your heart, soul & higher (wisest) self
  • Meditations & Intuitive guidance activities: energy practices, cards & crystals (we’ll be using these to tune into your own wisdom, rather than as an oracle 😉
  • Purposeful Conversation with like minded people over Tea, Cake & Nibbles: optional activities to spark conversation & create flowing conversations. Refreshments provided by me.

We all want answers.  To have someone or someway of finding out whats best, which way to go, which decision to take.  We read self-help books, use diagnostic tools like myers briggs, astrology, tarot.  Ask friends, beg therapists to not just nod, but give a damned answer 😉 even head to a psychic.  I’ve done all of these.  And still will.  Because sometimes there is value in it.  And sometimes life gets tiring and complicated and it feels easier to get an outside perspective.

However.  Within you is a well of answers.  Your intuition. Your gut.  Your soul.  These all provide insane amounts wisdom that is constantly being shared with you.  We just need to clear the way to hear it.  And the more attuned to these ‘voices’ you become, the more you can recognise the daily messages being sent.

You’ll likely have experienced clarity at times, such as when you mediate… or go on a long walk.  And this clear, undiluted wisdom is beautiful. And healing.  And synchronistic.

In short there are 3 main elements

  1. Connecting with like minded people – this is so key, as for many it can feel like (most) friends and family ‘don’t quite get this stuff’… making it feel a lonely path at times.
  2. Embodying your spiritual self – through dance and movement… this is such a key element to joining the worlds of your everyday life and spiritual self… and for opening you to your soul & intuitive wisdom.
  3. Intuitive Clarity – most of us have a strong mind that likes to overthink…  this is about getting in touch with your other intelligences, which opens you to a more aligned way of living & your truth.

Free-flowing Intuitive Dance is a magical experience that can take you out of your head and into your body… allowing you to clear your mind and heal aspects of your past.  It allows you to enter into the depth of yourself and your inner most truth. As you dance you’ll find yourself entering altered states of consciousness, ‘touching your  spirit’, contacting the essence of life and recognising your oneness with everything that is.  To dance in this way is to move in meditation, prayer & healing.

Soul Journaling is an incredibly powerful way of accessing your doubts, truth and soul.  Soul Journaling enables you to access parts of your soul that aren’t always able to come through as the mind gets in the way… if you’ve ever felt blocked to say something… confused, full of doubt or like your mind is clogged with too many ideas… this practice helps cut through the noise and re-connect you to your higher wisdom and clarity.  You’ll be guided into a meditative state whereby the words freeflow not from your mind but from your heart, higher self, spirit, soul…  Writing enables you to go deep, explore the shadows, it allows a unique space for healing, ideas and creativity to be born.

for more info contact me with any questions

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Testimonials from other workshops

“Your energy, wisdom and compassion is incredible.  I had a profound experience on your workshop on Sat. I had an amazing and challenging time.  It cracked me wide open to explore the root of my “not enough-ness”. You created a safe and sacred space for me to begin to unravel years of beliefs and thoughts. The exercises are incredibly insightful and you gently guided us through it all to uncover what is going on so I can make radical change and begin to heal.”
Nicola S

“Today has been SO wonderful, thank you. I’ve loved ALL the activities, every second of it. The feed your demons was literally MIND BLOWING.  Your warmth, humour and vast experience allowed for me to really look within. I made deep realisations and found out new insights into myself.  An incredible day I feel so free.  Thank you””
Jenna B

“You are incredibly intuitive and know just how to make everybody feel included and valued.  Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop yesterday. You were such an inspirational workshop leader and it was a very healing and safe space that you created for us all”
Liz C

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day. Your content is so special to me as I continue my exciting road to self acceptance & discovery. Today has excited and challenged me. Thank you.”
Jo W

“I have been wanting this knowledge for years and didn’t know it existed. Thank you for finding it all and passing it on”
Melisa M

“So many trainers are great when they’re working from a script but will really struggle when the script isn’t working or just isn’t appropriate. Your genuine spontaneity is an amazing skill for any coach and reflects that you’re deeply connected to your own creativity.”
Chris S

What to bring

  • a journal
  • wear comfy clothes you can move easily in
  • I’ll provide the lunch, tea (coffee / builders / herbals) & cake & nibbles (a range from naughty to sugar & wheat free).


Ellerton Road, Surbiton, South West London, KT6 7UB, United Kingdom
(house number given on receipt of booking)

Getting here

Car: Free parking along the road
Local Buses: K1, K4, 71 281, 465,
Nearest Train Stations: Surbiton & Tolworth (south west trains)

loft photo

To Book Your Place – click the link

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