From hologram to multidimensional being

 . There was a girl who stood looking at her reflection in the puddle of water at her feet.  She was sad, lonely, tired… she felt as though she was living in this world and yet apart from it… it was as though she were a hologram co-existing like an overlay on top of human […]

Remove the Shackles & Step onto Your Path – soul message

A message to those who are lost… yet can see the path ahead of them… You can see the path, it is so clear that in some ways it is the only path you can see before you.  And yet you stand, fixed to the start, fixed to the ground, stuck and feeling despair… your […]

You are Magical – Soul Message

Wake up, sit still, close your eyes, open your mind, let the light flood in.  Empty your mind, empty your eyes, let the light bathe you, soften you, cleanse you, pour through you. You are one of a kind.  You are magical.  You are an entity of light, a vessel of light.  You are filled […]

When your pain feels too much – Soul Message

There is pain.  So much pain.  Yet you need not cry.  For you are held.  And you are loved.  Your pain does not go unnoticed.  There are many like you.  Souls crying out.  Screaming.  The agony of not knowing, not remembering that we, you… are all one. In the oneness your pain becomes dissolved, not […]

Your existence matters – Soul Message

Do not change who you are. Embrace your spirit.  Set free your gifts.  Let loose your fancies – they are not ridiculous. Find a place, person or outlet of safety in which you can pour out your hearts desires and speak your truth.  For your souls truth is waiting to be added to the collective […]

The Crow Speaks – Soul Message

A message from the crows. The crow comes from death and darkness.  He sends awakening through the mysteries of pain and darkness.  He is your guide in all that is lost.  He sees the way and has flown many times whilst blinded by the fog of darkness.  The crow can lead you back to the […]

Wake up to your Soul – Soul Message

Be here now.  Dear Souls up high. Flying above the sky searching, seeking.  Where is home? They fly and soar and keep moving.  Keep moving.  For they are lost and seeking entry… into their earthly bodies. Open yourself to your soul.  Invite your spirit in its full essence to come in to your physical form. […]

Calling me home – Soul Message

Today is my birthday.  And for the first time in my life I’ve also been made aware that it is Lions Gate Day… this happens every year on the 8th of the 8th (August).  Having looked it up, I can describe it best as this – Lions Gate is a day when there is a […]

I don’t know! Does this sound familiar?!!!

I don’t know!!! Has this been a demon phrase throughout your life?  Cos my G*d it has been for me! I have often been asked things to which the answer was ‘I don’t know’!!!  It’s made me feel like a failure, stupid, indecisive, flakey… you get the picture.  And I guess if you’re even drawn […]