The fear of being yourself – let your Higher Self show the way

“I am scared” said the girl on the bridge… There was no one there, yet a hum of energy began to surround her… the clouds and vastness of the sky became dense in their swirling energy… “Of what?” said a voice “There is nothing to fear” The girl looked around… “who’s there”?  “I can’t see […]

Post-epiphany blues… Now what do I do with my old life?

You’ve had an epiphany, and life doesn’t look the same… You’re old life is done, yet you still have the same name.   On that workshop or retreat, everything felt just oh so clear… You knew without knowing, that there is nothing to fear.   Yet now you are home, life feels clunky and odd… […]

When your vibration starts shifting

What’s happening to me? You hear yourself say… Somethings shifting, I feel different, I’m loosing my way… And yet something deep inside is calling your name… Saying, hey… wake up now… your life’s twisting away…   Twisting how? the voice asks Twisting in it replys… You are shapeshifting, merging, Life is opening your way.

Beautiful Darkness

Once upon a time you were scared of your darkness. Not now. Now you know a secret.  That your darkness holds beauty.  A great unimaginable beauty that can only be seen by those who’ve dived into it’s depths. You’ve walked that path of 1000 demons and found a way out. And you know that if […]